Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review of Hackbook - Beginner's guide to hacking

Hello my dear readers. I recently bought this awesome eBook called "Hackbook". I was surprised to find that it was very informative and useful even for a person like me who has been into hacking for quite a while now. As the author of the eBook is quite reputed in the hacking world.I did not hesitate to write a review of it.

  1. Non technical writing for easy understanding
  2. Descriptive screenshots to explain better
  3. Powerful Tools
  4. 50 Pages of  "NO BULLSHIT" content
  5. Each section is independent of the previous section (Around 3-4 pages of each section)
The above features is what is mentioned in their sample page. So I will address as to how far what they have stated there is true to the buyer.

First off, the writing. The writing isn't technical. COMPLETELY AGREED. But the usage of technical words is important later on in the eBook is something you will find. The upside is that, he explained EVERY single technical keyword at some point of time in the eBook.

Second, the tools.. I was quite surprised when I actually received Hacking Tools.I felt a bit dangerous for a second :P But the most important fact is that I didn't expect anyone to give off free hacking tools along with it. And along with the links that are available in the eBook, you can gather a Hell load of hacking arsenal and learn more than you can imagine.

Third, Coding, Though he doesn't teach you the whole of coding in the book (which is near impossible for any writer). He stressed well on the importance of learning coding to become a successful and professional Hacker.

There hell load of pictures. The moment you read one of his screenshots you get a very good picture as to how to go about with the tool. The screenshots and "In-Picture" explanation is definitely a boost to the reading.

And as far as NO BULLSHIT content is concerned. There is only an "Introduction" page which has according to be the only non- informational page on the eBook!

I say this is a MUST buy book for a newbie hacker!

Check out their Book: Hackbook - Learn How to Hack eBook


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