Saturday, January 7, 2012

Technologies that will heat up in 2012

Hello Friends. Lets start the new year with the first post contributed by many readers. Its never easy to predict the flow of technology as it can be at times turbulent and at times mild. Still HackingAlert collected some advice from its readers. So here are a few technologies that can shine up in 2012.


Undoubtedly tablets will outshine smart phones in 2012. With the dominance of ipad2 and samsung galaxy, the market will surely heat up with new players like HTC, Blackberry. In 2011 tablet sales contributed to 12% of PC market. More than 2% of internet population has shifted to tablets. These stats are sure to double this year in 2012. The year is certainly going to be a tablet boom with much awaited products lined up like ipad3, ice-cream sandwitch tablets etc. Alone in India, the launch of world's cheapest tablet Akash has recieved even more demand than ipad. So far 1.5 million Akash devices have been booked online.
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Semantic Web

Semantic web means a web of data that allow machines to understand that meaning of data or information written over the World Wide Web. In the existing webs various tasks like searching for a book, downloading a movie, searching for the lowest available prices etc. are performed by human interventions because webs are designed to be read by human not by machines. But in semantic webs information can be interpreted by machines and such type of task can be accomplished without human interventions.  If  User want to search something over the internet, search engine will display all the content whether relevant or irrelevant for user. User have to find again relevant data whereas, in semantic technologies computer reads the word or phrase searched a user using search engine and produce the specific relevant result by the means of artificial intelligence techniques. In the web 3.0 there will be no need for you to be a programmer before editing the site,the user of the site will also be a modifier and editor.

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NFC & M-Commerce

Well The two technologies are different but they are almost inter-related. 

Imagine tapping your phone to a receiver at a register, and instantly paying for an item without fumbling for your wallet. Or getting into a movie theater with a similar tap of your phone. Or being able to load your transit card onto your phone, using a simple tap to deduct money for every trip on the subway.
All of that is already possible with the help of near-field communication chips, which transfer small amounts of data through a short-range, low-friction connection.
Currently, you can buy the Google Nexus S phone, which carries an NFC chip and the Google Wallet companion app for syncing your credit cards to your phone and making mobile payments at participating vendors. Meanwhile, RIM is baking NFC chips into newer phones such as the BlackBerry 9900, and recently it introduced Tag, a RIM-specific feature that allows BlackBerry users to transfer contact information and documents. Growth in NFC enabled devices will surely bring a boom in M-Commerce.

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Human Sensing Commands

Well NO one reported about this technology but I believe that human sensing commands like Voice commands and touch commands will be the main focus in 2012. Lets talk a bit in detail. Siri has already shocked the world with its unique way of sensing human voices. Similarly Android is rolling out its face recognization phone unlock tecjnology in Android 4.0 enabled smart phones and tablets. But my pick of the year will be Windows 8. Obviously Microsoft is taking a very bold and ambitious move by single handedly tackling the PC market by launching a completely touch based operating system. Its tough to predict the success of Windows 8 but I certainly believe that microsoft will have a upper hand in it. The excellence of Windows will surely impress the users and force them to shift from mouse and keyboard to Touch screens.

On Demand TV content / Internet TV

Internet is everywhere now. We are connected and surrounded by it. TV is the next big platform where the world wide web is searching for possibilities and year 2012 is going to be cruicial for it. Though internet and on demand TV have been in market for quiet some time but they have not reached the masses. It is yet to catch attention. But what special will happen in 2012? Apple TV is the answer. Apple is the pioneer for several technologies and with the entry of Apple in this segment, you can surely bet your money on it. Players like Google, Logitech are already in market but the success rate is still slow. The shift of apps on TV will surely provide a new taste to tech savy people.

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Dual Core Mobile Processors

In 2011, the Motorola Atrix and the Droid Bionic were the first commercially popular smartphones to sport dual-core processors. In the fall, Apple’s iPhone 4S followed suit--and now it seems unlikely that any smartphones unveiled in 2012 will be competitive unless they can offer the same processing power that Apple’s phones do.
As a result, you should expect to see a surge in dual-core mobile devices. ARM executive James Bruce, whose company licenses the designs of chips that find their way into almost every mobile device in the world, said in a May interview that dual-core processors would be a huge part of making smartphones not just powerful but also battery-efficient.“If you look at handsets today, we’ve seen dual-core handsets reduce power consumption,” he says. For example, if you're sending a text message, dual-cores have the potential to effectively streamline the lower-power functions of the phone through one core, while reserving the other core for more power-intensive functions, like gaming or navigation.

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Hyper Hybrid Cloud

This technology is currently the new taste of startups. We have seen a tremendous growth in cloud technology in past 3 years. This year can be somthing new. There are lots of big cloud players available on the internet. The problem arises when the data from one cloud storage(eg. google) has to be transferred to another cloud storage(eg amazon). This is really a major issue these days and companies are battling over it. Probably a hbrid cloud can be a solution o this problem which can allow a seemless data transfer from one cloud to another. It can be seen like a new internet within the internet.

IT Security 

It was surprising for me to see that no one talked about IT security when I asked for an article on technologies of 2012. Obviously security is nothing new. But I personally believe that IT security is going to re-born in 2012. The reason is quiet evident in 2011. The year 2011 has been the "Year Of Hacks" where almost every major online company was made a victim in some form or the other. CEO's will surely spend some serious money for IT security this year so we may see some big changes in this sector. Use of better authentication features, protocol updates, cloud security, on-demand security can be some of the rising sectors. I am really looking forward to see how the industry responds back to security in 2011 as you all know what disasters have happened in 2011. Lets see weather we have learnt some lessons or not.

These are a few technologies to eye on for this year. We have an entire year ahead in-front of us and will surely bring lots of surprises. This sector changes almost every day. Nothing can really be predicted about success or failure. Lets see how this year shapes up in terms of technology growth. Share your suggestions and comments.



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