Saturday, January 7, 2012

Internet Observatory Setting New Heights with Real-Time IP Traffic Trends

Hello Friends. Here is a guest post from Adriana Jones on a very interesting topic. Special thanks to Adriana from HackingAlert for sharing this article. You can find her bio at the end of the article.

It is like a watchful eye always hovering over the Internet. It is like someone keeping the Internet users on a leash. What is it actually? It is nothing but a service or a service offered by a website which has the task of monitoring global traffic 24 hours a day across various regions in the globe. It is better known as ‘Internet Observatory’ which is a venture of Ipoque, the well-known German traffic management company. The task of Internet Observatory is to offer insights into the real time IP traffic trends and bring forth the real numbers for bandwidth consumption by various applications.
All the tracking is impressive and internet providers are going to be helped out of it. Internet Observatory has been launched as a free service monitoring Internet traffic around the globe round the clock.
Prior to the launch of the Internet Observatory, Ipoque’s Internet Studies have been a continuous source of Internet traffic statistics since its inception back in the year 2006. Ipoque was in charge of generating yearly reports which showcased granular statistics of the Internet traffic covering eight regions of the world. Though the reports were detailed, it was found that the data were just snapshots of the Internet traffic patterns covering a certain period of time. Internet Observatory on the other hand generates real time IP traffic trends; that is live data, 24 hours a day and that too not just snapshots but real long term statistics.
Launched at the Broadband World Forum in Paris, the statistics generated by Internet Observatory gives a real insight into the amount of traffic caused by P2P, the competition between Skype traffic and SIP trafficas well as which Instant messaging client is enjoying a steady and increased flow of traffic. A close study of the statistics generated will reveal that P2P traffic in Europe claims a huge share which stands for nearly more than a quarter of all bandwidth along with 40% of the packets sent. It has been traced that nearly all of it comes from BitTorrent whose traffic exceeds 50% during night. Even with geographic limitations, Internet Observatory is successful in generating interesting IP traffic trends which are vital for internet providers around the world.
The Internet observatory is sort of a real entity in the world of Internet. According to Klaus Mochalski, the person behind this real time IP traffic trends monitoring project at Ipoque, Internet Observatory is set to become something which is coined as ‘Internet Seismograph’. In his words, Internet Observatory is going to be a kind of information service provider that will bring reliable data generated once per hour regarding how Internet users across the globe utilize the resources to all those who wants to know.
Though Internet Observatory is generating real time IP traffic trends in the Europe region only, Ipoque assures that it will soon cover other regions including America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. A follow up project of Ipoque after Internet Statistics, Internet Observatory gets all the support in data collection from Ipoque’s prestigious clients and partners.
For those who will benefit from the live IP traffic statistics including internet providers around the world, Internet Observatory is a store house of valuable information about Internet traffic. Equal interest and support from the Internet Community is also giving the project a boost. As an instance cited by those behind the project, data collected by the Internet Observatory is being contributed to an ICT statistics project which is sponsored by the European Commissions. Despite being a modular project, Internet Observatory is yet to evolve. The appreciation has given a new zeal to those behind the project to take it further and extend data coverage. All the real time IP traffic trends are being projected as line, pie or area charts taken over different time intervals.

About the Author: Adriana Jones is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative articles on internet providers in different areas. She is an expert on topics related to cables internet providers, broadband services, telecom etc.


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