Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From free blog hosting to International Author - A journey of 3 years

Hello Friends and readers. Today HackingAlert completes its 3 years of operation. First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in posts these days as I got a bit busy with relocating to another city. I will be actively blogging again from next month.

Today is a day of celebration for HackingAlert. The blog has completed 3 years of tough yet successful operation. Over the coarse of time the blog grew slowly and slowly to make an impact in this huge world of web. Writing this post reminds me about the first blog post which was "what is hacking". I struggled alot while writing it. It was a small post, but while I was writing that post I had never imagined that one day this blog will do wonders for me. It not only helped me in enhancing my knowledge and sharing it, it also helped me to give back something to the community from where I have learnt so much. Over the time, the appreciation and critics made me stronger and forced me to take blogging more seriously. Today I can proudly say that HackingAlert has made a space in the world wide web. Let me take you through some of the stats:

In past 3 years HackingAlert has traveled all the way from alexa rank of around 30 million( 3 crore) to 1.3 lakh. Alone in India the blog has a traffic rank close to 15,000 and links in more than 120 different websites.

The blog traffic has grown by more than 200% in past one year and so far the blog has received a total of around 7 lakh hits. Soon it will hit one million. The above image shows the rapid growth in traffic for the year 2011. There were only few thousand hits in the early days, but today the blogs daily hit is double of the number of hits it got in year 2009. From past three months the blog has received more than 1 lakh hits per month which accounts to nearly 40% of total blog traffic.

In its 3 years of operation the blog has built up a community of more than 2500 followers and 1600 subscribers. Though the figure may seem small but the increase is two fold in the recent few months.
The blog contains more than 250 posts out of which around 50 posts appear on the top page of Google result. Visibility in search result plays a key factor in building a healthy traffic. The quality of post is always the dominant factor to result high in search queries.

HackingAlert now ranks amongst top 10 blogs on computers/technology/hacking in India(Indiblogger stats).

It also ranks second on Networkedblog(Biggest hub for blogs on Facebook) in the catagory of Hacking and network security.

HackingAlert has also featured in some of the top Information security magazines and portals like The Hacker News, Voice of Grey hat, HACKER5, Hack9 etc.
More than 15 different articles have been published so far.

 The success of HackingAlert also brought me lots of appreciation. It gave me a platform to share my knowledge with others and inturn learn from others. The quest for taking blog to new heights always pushed me to keep looking for new things. This helped me to report several vulnerabilities in some of the top ranked websites. The appreciation of my readers helped me in publishing several papers and vulnerability submissions. Nothing best of me could have been possible without the comments and support that people showed.
The blog not only helped me in improving my knowledge but it also helped me in improving my writing skills. This attracted one of the prominent publication house of London, PACKT publishers. They publish books related to computer science and they offered me to write a book which will be a world wide release.
Never in my dreams had I thought that a free blog hosting will one day make me an international author.
Well the story didnt end there, the blog also attracted some of the industry people as well. It brought me some good job offers and consultancy work. I can proudly say that HackingAlert has played a big role in helping me find a job in Worlds Number 1 security company, Symantec.

It certainly sounds like a story, but its true, atleast for me. I did put in lot of effort behind my blog. At times I did feel like giving up, shutting down. But something inside me always pushed me to try harder.
I am really thankful to all my readers for reading my posts and commenting on it. It is the comments and appriciation that has kept me going for past 3 years and I have felt that my hard work has paid now.
Nothing best of this blog would have been possible without the support of you readers.

People generally dont take blogging seriously. But it teaches you the real ethics of internet. It teaches you a part of web technology, a part of social networking, a part of search engine optimization, a part of networking, a part of technology and everything you want to blog about. It does make you a complete geek and provides you a platform where you can share your ideas and knowledge. I find blogging far more interesting than wasting time on facebook or other social networks. I wrote this blog not to make a story about myself, but to inspire people, specially my readers. I dont say that I have done something too big, but atleast I can tell the importance that web and blogging can play in ones life and how we can use it to our benefits.

Google Crome's tagline says "The Web is what you make out of it". This line inspires me alot. It makes me feel that web is my own and I can use it the way I want. I chose to make my web as a blog, a place to communicate with like minded people. I want this to be the story of every individual who comes to my blog. Don't blog to just earn money out of advertisements. use it to share knowledge and you will surely get rewarded for it one day.

I end this post by thanking all my readers for their support. I wish HackingAlert keeps providing you relevant information for many more years to come.

-------------------- 3 years completed ------------LYNS---------------DARKLORD!!-----------------


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