Sunday, January 1, 2012

BlogRoll 2011 - Top 5 Articles of 2011 on HackingAlert

Hope you liked the first part of the blog roll.
Here is the final release of the blog roll to close the year 2011. Continuing from the previous roll, here are the top 5 posts for the year 2011. Again I will thank all the readers for their support.

5. Complete guide to defacing a website - CookBook

This article created a revolution on HackingAlert. Special thanks to team innobuzz for providing the shell upload. The article received a positive feedback and backed lots of page views. Views: 8000+ Read the article

4. Complete guide to staying anonymous on the internet

Again this article hit the security people and learners strongly. Actually this post was an outcome of simple social engineering that we can think of while using internet. There is nothing too special about the technique in this article, yet it appeared as a complete alien tutorial. Views: 6000+ Read the article

3. Setting up your own penetration testing/Hacking network using a single machine

This article was the outcome of inspiration that I received from Sachin Rashte sir and Vivek Ramachandran Sir. I dedicate this article to them. This article featured on SecurityXploded and StudentSphere Magazine.
Views: 3000+ Read the article

2. Basic SQL injection tutorial - Readers Choice

This article is probably the coolest articles as it had a contribution from one of the top hackers of antisec. The tricks and queries in this article are unique and it fell like an atom bomb on my readers. People were so obsessed by this article that they started testing it on my blog :-) . I have posted several articles on SQL injection but the uniqueness of this post made it stand out of the crowd. It is certainly one of the top pages in Google search. Views:9000+ Read the article

1. Complete Guide to #refref DDOS tool 

This article is undoubtedly the number one for me. HackingAlert was the first blog to report about the launch of this tool and provided a tutorial over it. It soon got copied on many websites but thanks to google that it always kept me on top for search query "#refref" . This article is still a hot topic on the blog and attracts several visitors daily. The success of this article almost landed me through to the most talked about hactivist group, anonymous. I am happy I didnt join it. Views: 13000+  Read the article

This was a recap of 2011. Time to say good bye to this year. Hope 2012 brings out the best of HackingAlert to its readers. Wish you all a very happy and Hackful new year!!



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