Thursday, December 8, 2011

Complete Guide to staying Anonymous on Internet - Combining VMs and VPNs

"the Reason which makes Anonymous hactivists dangerous is that they are really ANONYMOUS - Darklord"

Hello friends. Sorry for the delay in post. Still waiting for the day when time will be in abundance for me. Today I have an interesting post for you all. In one of my several older posts I have been discussing how to penetrate different websites, perform attacks, gain information etc. But there is a big issue behind all this.

While doing all these things we are putting our identity at stake. A real hacker always keeps his identity hidden and clears all tracks while dealing with such activities. Staying anonymous is a big kung-fu battle in this dangerous world of internet. So in this post I will try to solve this problem.

Many of you might be aware of using TOR network as a way of staying anonymous but it is only half true. It does protect you to some extent but you need to add more efforts to keep yourself underground. In this tutorial we will learn how to setup a anonymous network using TOR virtual network and Virtual machines. So I am considering that you are aware of TOR and installing Virtual machines. I will be using Virtual box for this tutorial.

Note : If you use some other free VPN service then you can use it in place of TOR. Also If you have a paid VPN service then it will be an added benefit as it will provide you more anonymity and VPN bandwidth. In this tutorial I am using TOR as an example.

We will start with our virtual machine. Suppose you have a Windows XP setup as a virtual machine. The first thing we have to do is to change the MAC address of the VM. To do this , go to the Virtualbox instance and select the Virtual machine, then click on SETTINGS. Move to the NETWORK tab. Choose the NAT adapter.

Click on the ADVANCE drop down menu to list the MAC address. You will notice something similar to the  shown image. Now change this MAC address to some other value. keep in mind to keep the number of characters equal to 12 and use same number of alphabets and numbers.

Once you are done with changing the MAC address, the next step will be to start your winXP virtual machine and setup the TOR network.

NOTE : In case you are using a wireless router then you can further enhance your anonymity by spoofing its MAC address first and then change the MAC for VM's NAT adapter. 

Now run your XP virtual machine and install TOR in it. TOR can be downloaded from here.
After installing, run the program and wait till it connects to the tor network.

Once the network is setup, it will automatically start firefox browser which you can use for anonymous surfing. Now there is another step you can do in order to prevent websites from tracking your activities by installing cookies.
In the firefox instance, click on TOOLS, then click START PRIVATE BROWSING.
This will further add anonymity to your activities.

What did just happen? Why a Virtual machine? Why not setup a tor network directly? Lots of questions. Let us address them.

The reason why we are using a virtual machine in this tutorial is that it will be like building a virtual identity for you. Whenever you have to perform some private task then you can move to the virtual machine and when you have to do normal browsing then you can switch back to the host operating system.
The other reason for using VM is that you can spoof its MAC address and in turn protect your real MAC address. This increases your anonymity as both the IP address and the MAC address are fake now.
So the combination of VM and VPN makes it hard to trace you back.
Further more its really easy to delete the complete virtual drive that you have created for installing Windows XP virtual machine and remove all traces. All your activities and logs will be deleted in a go( in case police raids you :-) ). Further more, before closing the virtual machine you can use a tool like ccleaner to clean all your internet activities. It will delete the entire browing history, cookies, cache etc.

There is an important point to remember while using this setup : Never use your real information on any website while browsing. 

While using this setup make sure that you don't log into website using your real information. This is the reason why this setup seperates your real identity with your virtual identity while surfing the internet.
I cant say too much about what is the reason for it but if you are a real hacker who is looking to hide his activities then you must be getting what I mean to say.
Another thing that can truly turn you anonymous is by using a paid VPN service. They offer good bandwidth and great level of anonymity by bouncing and relaying connections multiple times. So if you use use a paid VPN in this setup then it will turn you completely anonymous.
This is a completely unique post. I didn't find anything of this sort on the internet but I have been using this setup from quiet some time. If you have any queries about this post then add your comments here. There are still lots of ways by which you can improve this setup to make your completely untraceable. I am still exploring it. I want you all to work with me and see if you can make improvements in this post. I will add changes as updates. Looking forward for suggestions.



  1. thank you for your post, bro. nice post.

    bro, it will be good if you can post this same post but using backtrack window. tq

  2. Nice post!

    Just wondering, will this only make me anonymous whilst browsing, or for example when I DDOS someone, can they still trace the packages back to me?

    Thanks :D

  3. @petter : it will only make your browsing anonymous..this is a good point that you have made..I will discuss about how to keep other activities anonymous as well..Good point petter..

  4. please how can you change your mac and ip address to be different for the one in virtual machine

  5. Hi there, you could use on top of VM #1 a Live cd, this way all your data would be automatically deleted once you turn id down. Main System -> Virtual Machine -> Live CD. Thanks for your tips, very useful!

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