Saturday, December 31, 2011

BlogRoll 2011 - Most Popular Tutorials on HackingAlert

Hello Friends. The end of 2011 is approaching. HackingAlert had lots of special memories. lots of tutorials and articles were posted. Some were disliked, some were appriciated and some became a Hit on Internet. This year, Hackingalert posted a total of 156 blog posts which counts to about 3 lakh page views for this year.

This yar has been excellient in terms of stats. Well we will talk about the stats later. Here I am presenting a blog roll of my previous posts of 2011. I have selected top 15 articles out of 150 odd articles. The selection was based on number of views, number of comments and my personal likeness as well :-) .
In this blog roll I will list the bottom 10 articles out of 15. Then in the next roll I will post about the remaining top 5 articles. So let us remember and re-live the memories again. Here goes the countdown

15. How to Hack a Website/Web server - 3 step guide

When I posted this article in March, I was completely new to defacements. But I soon caught up the speed. I never went on a defacement rampage but I did report some vulnerabilities in around 10 websites. Its a good startup tutorial. Views: 2000+ . Read the article.

14. two Biggest truths about Hacking Gmail, Hotmail,Facebook, Yahoo etc.

To be true, I wrote this article out of frustration. Every day I used to get lots of mails, FB messages, tweets regarding hacking accounts. There is a big misconception amongst people that any hacker can hack into these accounts. Views : 2500+ . read the article

13. Dummies Guide to Windows Firewall

This is one of the less read yet popular posts. The reason why it became popular was its uniqueness. It attracted some professional network admins who appriciated this post alot. Yet it remained a less known post on HackingAlert. Views : 1000+.  read the article.

12. Intercepting HTTP Request/Response using Webscarab to Hack Web applications

I came to know about intercepting HTTP requests as a potential technique while I was preparing for an Interview for one of the top infosec companies. The technique striked me and I went ahead to compromise one of the popular online shopping carts of India. Views: 2000+ .Read the article.

11. How to crack Wifi WEP password in simple steps.

I dont take the credit for this post. I learnt it from tutorials and then posted it. same tutorial is available on several websites but it is certainly one of the most views tutorials on HackingAlert. Google search on "Hacking Wifi" lists this tutorial amongst top 4 websites so it has received lots of hits. Views : 6000+ Read the article.

10. Difference Between DDR2 and DDR3 RAM

This post has an interesting story. I upgraded my laptop from 2 GB RAM to 4 GB. My laptop had Win7 32 bit. When I went to system properties it said RAM=4 GB( 3 GB usable) . WHAT? 3 GB usable. where did the other 1 GB go? Dont know the answer? Click to read. Thanks to Google again. It lists as the top result when you search for Diffrence between RAMs. Views: 5000+ . Read the article 

9. The Great Browser War Unleashed- 2011 edition

Well I dont want to brag but here is the truth about this article. Last year I posted the 2010 browser war and it featured in 2 IT magazines. When I posted it this year in October, It featured  in 2 magazines, 5 online portals and numerous forums. Many readers recognize HackingAlert as a blog that ranks browsers exceptionally. I an still waiting for the day when browsers will pay me to get higher rank in my article :-) .
Views : 6000+ Read the article.

8. Basics of NIC MAC & ARP , Art of ARP spoofing/flooding

This article dates back to the time when I was preparing for company interview. So in order to revise and strengthen my concepts of Networking, I wrote this post and I received quiet an appreciation for it. The article was not a hit among common readers but it was an eye catcher for learners. Views:4000+ Read the article

7. Understanding port scanning in detail

This is again a post that came out of my random experiences. I was put up a question that what is the difference between a SYN scan and TCP scan. Damn, I had no answer. So I went ahead to do a detailed study on port scanning and here is the outcome of it :-) . Views: 5000+ Read the article

6. Practical Reverse Engineering tutorial - Cracking Winrar

I wrote this post when I was on a rampage to learn about Computer architecture, assembly and reverse engineering? But why did I suddenly shift to Architecture and reverse engineering?? Yup, again I was put up a question, Mr. Abhinav What experience do you have in Reverse Engineering and Assembly?
Views: 4000+ Read the article

This is not just a blog roll. Its my learning curve. I never sat down to decide that yes I have to write on this topic today. I simply shared my learning experience with all my readers. And I am really happy that people appreciated me, supported me and gave suggestions.

In the next blog roll I will post about my top 5 posts for this year. They are also the outcome of my hell experience with computer network security and hacking.

Remember : Knowledge is power when it is shared.
Happy new year 2012.



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