Sunday, November 6, 2011

What happened to #opFacebook ? The Inside Story

There has been a lot of buzz about the #opfacebook. Well nothing happened to facebook and it doesn't even seems that anything is going to happen. I got answers to several questions about anonymous during my recent encounter with one of their members. Here is what exactly happened:

"The Facebook op was inacted by a lone anon. Anonymous did not agree to this as a collective, and in fact warned him to stop. Killing facebook right now would be a form of self destruction, and would hurt the movement, with a media blackout we need social network sites to promote the movement. That would be like taking down YouTube, not very smart. That being said it doesn't mean anonymous likes or agrees with facebook or their dirty doings. It just means its not the time. We can use them. I talk to people in ny who don't even know what's going on. So do u know how many people learned of the movement through Facebook. Millions. Whether or not they will remain once they are of no use to us, only time will tell. Hopefully they will fall. But again op Facebook was done by some sad individual in Ohio who did not heed the warnings of anonymous to stop hindering the movement. He has since been doxed and continues to be punished. Lulz for everyone.."

So finally facebook has some time to breathe now, atleast for sometime now. Though the dirty work of Facebook is still pissing off anons but they believe that they still have to increase the strength of their movement and they are actively using facebook as a medium to gain support.

Regardless to say that currently @anonymous and @lulzsec are the most powerful bunch of guys around. You want to know the reason why ?
See this picture

After Anon announced the operation payback, barclays(one of the biggest banks) went under maintenance with the fear that they might get attacked by Anon. Well the reason for their downtime is still not clear but its quiet evident that Anons are a big reason for it. the operation is still going on and they have brought down 2 banks. The count is surely expected to increase.

Why #opFacebook failed ?

Well the question is not framed properly. The operation did not fail. Infact this operation never existed. It was started by one of the most shouting Anons code named "T" who is no more linked to the group. So the operation had no support from the group.

The biggest problem which I believe that Anon is facing is "The excessive use of their Name" .
Thats true. Every hacker now wants to associate their name with this group to gain name and fame. You will find hundreds of Facebook and twitter profiles in which people are using the Anon mask as a profile pic and using fancy anon names to claim themselves as a member of the group. But the truth is, the real Anon members are just a bunch of really smart hackers(who have worked for top companies) who dont have a public identity. A real Anon publishes his work only after it is finished. But a fake one (like the one who started #opfacebook) shouts before doing anything. So this fake Anon has currently become a big issue for the real ones. But the actual movement is still going strong. People claim that they are Geo-politically affected. But the thing is, a real smart hacker is not born in just one day or in in few months of political activity. They are actually using Geo political effects to spread their message. They are not just smart. They are insanely smart.
I dont Dislike them(being a geek) , but I dont respect them either(being a user of various internet applications they have targeted) . The group is still young and gaining lot of media attention. It is one of its most unique Hactivist group in the History of internet. It will be interesting to wait and watch how this movement goes ahead in 2012. But there are two things thay are really good at :
1. Creating a mass speculation and driving peple .
2. Making Scary and really provoking Youtube videos . :-)

Let us Expect them with anticipation.

I end this post with a question for you - What does Anonymous and Lulz want ?



  1. it truly was just a rumor..Fb is a giant..

  2. We want freedom of information..Its as simple.

  3. Plz someone kill fb, it sucks and they are VIOLATING people's privacy. Someone do something!! grrrr

  4. still its the biggest social network..we are bound to love it

  5. Seriously??? I have the video and the posts saved on several disks and can tell you that this in no way was limited to one lone Anon. This was the whole bunch and they had been gearing up for this very thing before making the video. Anon has #OpIon. Which is instructions to erase anything that may get them into hot water from the public forum. They lie and cover their tracks just as well as any government entity (of course unless I get to them first) out there and they lie to their own people. They are liars and have no right to punish anyone.
    I was the one who told them that it would fail as an op because it would make the public angry at not being able to connect with loved ones and it would also be like shooting themselves in the foot. The whole thing was abandoned not but a few seconds after I had posted my comment on the video. I have become a veritable thorn in their sides, as I have no dick in which to insert in their precious hive....I use gasoline! They may not be V but, I AM Evey Hammond!

  6. I guess they don't want anything, but for the internet to be free.

  7. I thought Anonymous was an idea, a concept, not a group? How can you be a fake idea? And who is to say that one Anon is real/fake? Aren't everyone who uses the name Anonymous a part of Anonymous?