Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Create unlimited Gmail ID's from your single original ID - A must read for all !!

Hello friends. Sorry for the delay in posts. This is my new post for the month of November. Last month had been a huge hit for HackingAlert as it received 75000+ page views in the month of October. Thanks to all the readers.
Well coming to our post.

 Very few people know that apart from providing Unlimited( nearly 8gb and increasing) storage for mails, Gmail also provides unlimited email ID's as well. You can create unlimited email ID's from your one original ID and the best part is that all the mails will be delivered in the inbox of your original ID. Doesn't it sounds cool. Check the image. I used my yahoo id to send a mail to 3 different(not logically) e-mail id's.

As you can see that the email Id's appear almost similar to the original one abhinavbom@gmail. Now check out the next picture.

Here you can see that all the three mails have reached to my inbox for the id .

So lets find out how to do this.
The trick is simple. Consider the email id

 Adding as many dots(.) in hackingalert . For example , , etc are all same and any mail sent to these ID's will reach to . 

The next trick can be to add ad plus sign(+) to the id . For eg. . You can use any number between 1 to infinity in place of 123 thus create unlimited number of id's . 

And the best part - All mails will reach to
This trick can be very useful when you have to recieve verification mails or when you have to open multiple accounts for same service. Using this trick you can build as many Facebook, g+ , twitter accounts as you want. These services will consider it as a different email ID.

Its a small trick and I came to know about it recently so I thought its worth sharing with my lovely readers.
Hope you enjoyed it. Add your comments below for any suggestions or queries. You can also like HackingAlert's official facebook page to receive regular updates.



  1. bhai ultimate....the best trick I have seen in days,...awsome blog man...bookmarked it.

  2. Where were you man...why didnt you post it a few days back..anyways awsome post..Gmail will kill you for this :-)

  3. its not new bro...
    very old one..!!
    Still i love this blog.. :)

  4. Awsome post again from Hackingalert...This is my favourite website.

  5. Good One Abhinav

    Harikrishna V

  6. great work man just love dis trick...

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