Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Windows 7 OEM and Activator (For All brands)

Here is a crack for windows 7 operating system which will help you to convert your trial or pirated copy into full version and you can also download updates from the microsoft website.
The pack consists of 2 softwares.
The first one is named China.rar which is used to stop the Windows7's 30 day timer. Its displayed in Chinese language but there is only one area you will have to click and rest will be managed by the software itself.

The second software is ki.rar . It is the main software that will load the keys along with OEM details. Once the setup is successful you can restart your machine for the effects to take place.
You can also update your copy now using the windows updates.

IN case you face any problem then add a comment here.




  1. after starting installing china.rar one page is appeat and not complited.what should i do??when should i start install ki.rar??

  2. if you are having trouble with china.rar(its in chinese lang) then run only ki.rar .. Load the automatic loader and it will automatically crack windows for you

  3. Any chance you could put these up somewhere? They aren't on rapidshare anymore :/