Friday, September 23, 2011

Start Your Facebook Timeline in 5 minutes

Still waiting for 30 September ??
Facebook will officially launch its timeline feature on 30 September. They have already showcased it in their Annual Facebook meet f8 .
Lots of cool features have been added and an entirely new approach has been given to the same old looks from past many years. The changes are drastic. I am still experimenting it , but had to take out time to bring out this post for my readers who don't want to wait till 30 September. Well Zuk and facebook deserves an appreciation here. The work is cool, hope it remains stable and clean.

How to start your own timeline

Step 1 - go to the Facebook developers page.

Step 2 - Click on Create a new app.

Step 3 - Then fill out the two options prompted by Zuk. Fill any thing of your choice in both the boxes.

Step 4 - After clearing the CAPTCHA verification you will then be taken to your new apps' settings screen (if Facebook doesn’t put you there automatically hit the Edit App button on the top right).
Next, click on Open Graph link in the left column and define an action for your new app on the right pane. You can enter whatever you like; I wrote "watch" on the first field and chose "video" from the drop-down menu on the next one. Click "Get Started."

Step 5 - Save the changes and in few minutes you will receive a notification from facebook. You may get an error while saving you app but you can ignore it and move to your wall.

/you are done now..Set your timeline according to your needs now.

Hope you will like the "timeline".



  1. after step 4 i pressed the button "GET STARTED"
    and i got the message "OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG"
    after that i saved changes and closed the webpage and restarted fb is it ok.......imean wud it work.