Saturday, September 17, 2011

Learn Hacking by Doing-Practical Hacking Lessons with DVWA

There is always a question that people ask me is how to learn hacking. Well I have tried my best to always find a good answer to this question, but I have always failed. The biggest reason is that hacking is not like a programming language that can be learned in few days or months. It requires a continuous effort. You cannot learn it by doing a course from NIIT or Appin. You cannot learn it by simply going to google and type "learn hacking" . It is a continuous effort of reading and then practically implementing it. Nothing can be simpler than this.

Also I want to add here is that "Every second computer engineer in India is a Hacker" . Can you believe this shit? If you are from India then go to Facebook and type hacker and you will find thousands of results. I really don't understand what do they all want to prove. Hacking is not about claiming, its about doing. People run around shouting that yes they can hack but the truth is they don't even understand what is meant by hacking. Here in India the scenario is even worse. Even a noob with just few basic knowledge is giving seminar and teaching other students about hacking. Its really shameful how people are misusing the term hacker. Hacker is not the one who just read manuals , hacker is not the one who claims he is, hacker is not the one who knows nothing more than defacement. I never call myself a hacker. I am mearly a learner and use my blog to share whatever i learn. This is what hacking is all about - "a continuous process of learning".
Anyways, let us stick to the post now, enough of free talks. I just want my readers to be aware of the facts and rather than claiming that they are hackers, they should focus on learning how broad this term is.

Coming back to my point of how to learn hacking. I believe that my regular readers are well aware of the basics. This post will surely help them to strengthen their knowledge by practically implementing.
For those who are entirely new, They can get a collection of basic learning material here -
Ultimate starter material to learn hacking
for advance material on hacking you can visit this link :
Advance Hacking Tutorial

And for those who want a complete organized material on hacking, They can visit this page to buy our exclusive learning kit - Buy our exclusive learning kit

Enough advertisement of my blog on my own blog( :-P ) Now lets get back to the post. Here I will talk about a popular application that is used widely to train hackers and give them practical exposure. It is called Damn Vulnerable Web Application or  DVWA.
It is a highly vulnerable application designed in php to help you in practically implimenting your tactics and understand things deeply. There are lots of hacking lessons for you to practice and learn. Installation is also easy. Here is a quick setup guide for all of you.

Step -1 Download the DVWA from here - DOWNLOAD

Step -2 Download and install WAMP server. You can find WAMP here - WAMP SERVER.
You can use any server that supports php but here for this tutorial i will use WAMP.

Step -3 After you have installed WAMP server you will have to start its services. Go to the Start, in the run box type wamp, click on Start Wamp Server. You will find the server icon in your task bar. Click on it, then click on - Start all services.

Step -4 This will start your server and make it ready to run php pages. The next step is to unzip your DVWA rar file which you have downloaded. Unzip it so that it appears as a folder now.

Step 5- Now copy the DVWA folder and paste it in the www folder of your WAMP installation directory.
Browse to your WAMP installation directory. By default it will be c:/program files/wamp . Locate the www folder in it and paste the DVWA folder inside it.

Step 6 - Now start your browser. I would recommend that you use Firefox for this purpose. Its the best browser for running localhost server applications.

Step 7 - In the browser address bar type http://localhost and press enter.

Step 8 - You will see DVWA listed in the section "your projects" on the WAMP server home page.

Step 9 - Now click on it to start configuring our database and setup the account. You will be prompted to setup the database. You can simply click as per the direction and your database will automatically be configured.

Step 10 - Now you will either be directed to the main page or it will prompt for username and password.
The default username is - admin and password - password.

You will see the welcome screen and whole list of lessons on the left side menu.
These are very enjoyable lessons and will surely help you in learning the basics and implementing them.
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In case you have any difficulty regarding any lessons or installation process then you can comment below and I will try to solve it .



  1. Hey

    I am having problems when I start localhost. It only shows a blank page. I don't know what to do.

  2. Please use your name while commenting will facilitate me.. Please check your server settings ..make sure that the server is up and running..

  3. provide the link of free exclusive learning kit if you can sir!! plz do if you can :)

  4. free hacking material want help me please bhaiyya

  5. i want exclusive hacking material for free can you show me link to download !! help me if you can ................................

  6. @rohit : bro you can find trillions of free info on google... :)

  7. ok do post it over here any link to download !!
    i searched a lot but not finding this for free ...
    please please post the link :(

  8. Nice tool. I installed it successfully. if anyone have problem with http://localhost, try also.

  9. rohit U R CORRECT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO ARE hackers but people want 2 learn hacking for there protection

  10. Thank you for the post, I just have one question, is DVWA available for Linux, for example could I run it on a tasksel lamp-server

  11. hie i am yekta i wish to learn hacking for my protection nd for those who think girls can not hack nd without any reason they scare us thinking we can not do any thing
    pls help me with whatever u can i will be very grateful to you consider me like your little sister

    i tried the above set of instructions but failed

  12. Hai, I'm vald.. could you reupload
    Ultimate starter material ? it's been deleted by mediafire