Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fast Draft Assembly for basic Reverse Engineering

Hello friends. I have been busy these days so couldn't bring anything new for you all. Currently I am shifting my focus from web hacking to reverse engineering. This field has been quenching me form some days as I don't have much knowledge related to it. But many experts have advised that learning Assembly and shell coding is essential for exploit development. There are lots of vulnerabilities discovered everyday. So a big challenge lies in converting the vulnerability into exploit.

 See the thing that differentiates HackingAlert from other hacking and network security websites is that I believe in not just delivering you some hack by making a video with some fancy music or provide you a direct hack without even understanding the basic of it. So the focus of my few articles from now will be on assembly, Shell coding, exploits and Reverse Engineering.
Even I am new to Assembly and still shaping my knowledge in this field. I have made some studies in past few days(though very less due to shortage of time) and would encourage my readers that they should also start considering this area. Fun doesn't lies in using what is made, instead it lies in making things that others can use.
Teaching you entire assembly is beyond my scope so I would suggest you all to refer some good books and material that is available for free on the internet and have a basic idea of what exactly Assembly is all about.

Here I will share a quick reference guide that can help you with the process of beginning Assembly.
A short and well explained tutorial that I found on the internet. Its quiet helpful to begin with.
Keep your research going to find out more. In the next post we will see how we can use a debugger to Reverse Engineer a software along with some Assembly basics.
Here is the Assembly tutorial  -  DOWNLOAD!!

Read the part 2 of this article - Basics of Computer Architecture for Reverse engineering



  1. cool tute..waiting for next!!

  2. pdf file is so nice...
    everyone can undastand..
    waiting for your next tutorial on this...
    i like this blog very much abhinav because of the way u post right from the basics

  3. Thanks alot Srinivas...This is how I learn and want my readers to follow the same. If you have strong basics then you can surely expertise it..