Friday, August 19, 2011

Install Windows XP mode in Virtual Box running on windows 7

Recently I have been trying to set up a virtual environment for windows XP on my windows 7 ultimate system. I first went on to try out the normal procedure to install windows XP in virtual box but it failed every time . I went out to find out the problem . The problem was that Microsoft has prevented the installation of XP on virtual machines if the virtual machins is a windows 7 . It installs easily on the basic version of Windows7 but for the professional and Ultimate version , you will have to download the Windows XP mode from microsoft website . 

Before letting you download , Microsoft will check weather your copy of windows is genuine or cracked. In case you have a genuine copy of windows 7 then you can download it directly from Here- Windows XP mode.
In case you have a pirated windows then please dont go to the above mentioned link as your windows will get blocked. For them I have brought another solution. Pirated window users can direclty download Windows XP mode directly without check from here - Direct download for XP mode.(469 MB).

So the first problem is solved. Now this XP mode is made to run on Windows Virtual PC software(Thats why i hate microsoft ) .. So how to make it work on VirtualBox or Vmware virtual machine.

Here is the solution to both Pirated and genuine window users . Follow these steps

Step 1 - Once the download of XP mode is complete you can run the setup . After the installation go to the directory where installed. By default it is C/program files/windows xp mode .

Step 2 - Copy the "xp mode base.vhd" to any location of your choice. Now right click on it and uncheck the "Read only option" .

Step 3 - Now start your virtual box and create a new virtual machine for windows XP by selecting the onscreen options. 

Step 4 - When you have to select the hard disk option then select the "use existing hard drive" and choose the copied "widows xp base.vhd file  and add this new virtual hard drive to install the setup.

Step 5 - Once you are done with the above steps then you can proceed with the installation part of the windows xp virtual machine.

Once the installation is done you will see the welcome screen of windows XP .

You will notice that this will be a 30 day trial version of windows XP . You can go to the installation folder of windows xp mode and view the key.txt file to find your activation key.

Thats it . Your XP is up and running . 
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  1. I cannot download XP Mode off Microsoft site, it says my validations has failed and leads me to buy genuine windows page. :(


  2. bro I have provided the direct download in rhe article.... I have said that there will be validation check..please check the article again..I have provided a direct download link..

  3. Activation Key (text file in xp mode program files)doesn't work - will i have to keep re-installing every 30-days

  4. in case the key is not working then download a windows xp cracker from internet and use will end the 30 day trial period..

  5. hey i downloaded that xp mode software from the mentoined link,but it is saying file is corrupt,please help me.

  6. @kumarbro it has worked fine for me and for others as well...plz recheck it..

  7. i have installed the windows xp mode. But where is virtual box. I didn't find it

  8. Thx for this, works fine.

  9. the eset smart secuirity is catching the trojans from inside the virtual machine

  10. Awesome! Worled 1st time with no issues what so ever.

    Thank you very much :)

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  12. When I m changing the Read Only attribute...,an error message comes saying " An error occured ........ Access denied"