Saturday, August 20, 2011

The fight between Jan lokpal and Lokpal Bill

Hello friends . Here is a post specially for my Indian readers . This article has got nothing to do with Networks and computer security . Infact this article is about a new bill that is currently under debate in India . 
HackingAlert receives around 1200 page views per day from India and currently the fight between the two versions of bill is a big debate in India . So I came up with this article so that atleast I can try and spread some awareness(if not big) among my Indian readers regarding this bill .
All of you must be watching the huge Annaj Hazare ji's campaign going on to pressurize the government in order to pass the Jan lokpal bill which aims at eradicating corruption that has deeply rooted in India and its political system . The government is acting as if it hardly care about it . So it is very necessary for the common man to understand what exactly Jan lokpal demands from the government and how is it going to help in removing corruption to some level in this country . Here I am not going to give my personal views regarding it , all I will say is Jan lokpal is definetly a strong bill compared to the government's lokpal bill . I leave the decision to you weather you favour Jan lokpal or the Lokpal bill . Here I will share some important links that you may want to visit and explore yourself . The first link is a google docs presentation shared by Mrs. Kiran Bedi which clearly states the difference between the two versions of the bill . In case you want to go into the technicalities of the versions of the bill then I have also shared links related it . 
Please visit these links specially the first one which is a simple presentation explaining the differences. 
Hope you all will support the cause of removing corruption.


  1. What the Comman man is witnessing is is not a slugfest but a war between Italian Mafia backed Congress led by their leader Sonia Gandhi and "Aam Admi" led by their illustrious 74 old Nationalist leader Shri Anna Hazare.

    Now, when HM MR. Chhidu is mocking UP CM and asking from where will the money come from for division of UP state, she must promptly remind him that as when as FM in 2008 made the nation to suffer loss of Rs.1.76Lacs Crores in 2G Scam and his valued Colleague FM Mr. Pranab is raising hands in Parliament and telling the nation that nothing much can be done to bring the Black Money stashed abroad, then from where he can expect the funds to fulfill the aspiration of "Aam Admi" of UP and other states of Union.