Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why Google+ needs a poker application?

Google+ is out from quiet some time now there are lots of speculations going around about how fast or slow it is growing . people say that it is coping Facebookand other popular applications on the net and so on .

What I personally feel is that the only thing that Google+ wants to steal from facebook is the addiction that the users of Facebook have towards its huge list of popular applications.
It has been seen that more than 50% of facebook users come to Facebook just to play their online games. the fight for credit and the addiction for these applications is currently driving the biggest traffic for facebook .
Some of these popular applications include farmville , Zynga poker , Mafia wars etc .
There are a lot of people who stay online for hours to bet on their credits and play online poker and other cool applications . These applications have created a whole new world of real time analysis of Casino strategy and new tricks and techniques of game playing . 
Infact the popularity of online casinos is not only limited to just facebook , it has grown bigger and unlike facebook , they involve real money and credits. lots of Mac Casinos  can be found where people are sticking actively to these cool games and is now a major source of web traffic. 
So i feel Google would not neglect this issue as well . If they really want to be a Facebook killer then they will have to bring about the same addiction that facebook users have for their applicatioons.
Since its still in its initial phase , we might see lots of wonders coming from the Google+ team . We never know when google can completely change the face of the way we play poker today .


  1. I think google plus needs to take this matter seriously of building game applications for its social network.

  2. i'm not quite familiar with google +1 yet. i'm already following you by the way