Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two biggest TRUTHS about hacking Facebook,Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail etc

Hello friends . I am writing this post just to bring about a general point of view in-front of my readers .
Every now and then I get mails and chats from different people who ask me to hack a facebook account or google account ,hotmail , yahoo etc . Its very annoying why people ask the same question again and again .

So I thought to write a post over it . Maybe you are reading this article because you searched on google "how to hack Gmail and facebook" or somthing similar to it .
So what you do is that you go to google and make respective search and you get lots of results -

Hack Google(Gmail) - about 67,000,000 search results
Hack Facebook -        about 48,900,000 search results
Hack Yahoo     -         about 10,500,000 search results
Hack Hotmail  -          about  8,750,000 search results

And the interesting thing is that all these around 135,150,000 results are CRAP.

The thing that I want to present here is that Facebook , google , yahoo , hotmail etc are the most secure servers on this planet. These sites totally depend on the confidentiality of their user data. So the first thing to keep in mind is


Yes thats absolutely true . These companies totally depend on security . Even if their website goes down for an hour then that can also cost them billions of dollars and can loose the faith of customers . So they work very seriously on their security measures.
When you search on google about how to hack facebook and yahoo then you will get millions of results claiming that they can do so for you . Some hackers will ask you for money , some will ask you for your own account information( and in turn they hack you) and some will ask you to download some software which upon installing makes your own system security compromised . Thats why I have mentioned the line in bold because I want my readers to note this thing and not to fall in the traps of such claims .
Later I will explain 2 most original ways to hack these website but with a constraint measure .
Now you must have heard some cases where the accounts are compromized or your own account might got hacked .
So how does this happen when I just said that these are the most secure sites.
This brings me to the second important point which i want to share


Yes that true again . The reason why some people's account gets hacked is their lack of internet knowledge or carelessness where people enter their login information into wrong or malicious pages.
The hackers create a fake login page and mail it to you and ask you to enter your information which instead of logging in sends your information to the hacker . In other cases the attacker makes you to click at some link or download software which in turn installs a trojan or keylogger in your computer and then record your information and mail it to the attacker . So it is very necessary for you to keep an eye on what you do over internet and make sure you do not fall into traps . The more you are alert the less are the chances of your account being hacked. So look twice before entering your login information .

So the most common and working ways to hack accounts of any site is
1. Phishing 
2. Keyloggers , backdoors , RAT's etc.
3.Social Engineering.

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  1. Thanks for the useful information friend. This helped me a lot.
    I found one more link useful to hack facebook over here:
    How to hack a Facebook Account

    I guess it will be helpful for all over here.

  2. hello abhinav. i am a great follower of ur blog . Ur posts are excellent. Really great work

  3. Really nice post Abhinav sir . You highlighted very original problem . There are very few hackers who teach the real truth . U are truly an ethical hacker . Great work.

  4. @Harsh : the link you shared is again the phishing technique and there are various drawbacks that exist in this method . The first thing is that every browser noe very easily detects such easy phishing pages. The second issue is that Facebook follows three regulatory steps to inform that password is changed. One is email then instans messsenging and lastly temporarily blocking the account . So these techniques you shared in the link are fairly out dated.

  5. @Dhruv , Ashish : thanks alot friends . Wll keep the good work going. Thnks again.

  6. kindly also tell in detail about tab napping

  7. absolutely true friend...well said

  8. how can this software work ??