Sunday, May 8, 2011

Download Kaspersky Pure : Crack/ Full version

Here is a cracked version of kaspersky pure . 
I have also provided a video tutorial to guide you through the installation process .
Read the "readme.txt" file for complete guide for installation . 
The download is provided at the bottom of the page .


01] uninstall K-PURE if installed (use uninstaller given in [Bonus] folder)

02] Reboot >>  Restart your computer (Important)

03] Run "pure9.0.0.192en" as administrator to start Installation

04] Follow through the installation, leave everything default. 
   Remember to uncheck 
   "I agree the terms of participation in Kaspersky Security Network".

05] After Installation, Activate 30days trail version, and run update center.

06] When updates completed,


Go to > Settings > Self-Defense > Uncheck (Disable) Self-Defense > Apply and OK to save changes

Click on "My Computer Protection" 

Go to > Settings > Protection > uncheck (Disable) Protection > Apply and Ok to save changes.

07] Reboot >> Restart your computer (Important)

08] Open K-PURE and go to license manager (click on License at right bottom)

    In license manager you can find a key like this "0577-0004CE-XXXXXXXX"

    Beside this Key there will be a red "X" mark, use it to remove existing trail License
    Delete existing License message pops up - Select YES

09] Right click of K-PURE icon in taskbar (tray, Righ bottom). Click EXIT

10] Open [FIX] Folder and extract files from "New ABL-Patch.rar"

    Password : Seven7i

11] Copy 2 patch files fltlib.dll and fltlib.ini from [New ABL-Patch] folder to K-PURE Install directory.

    C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky PURE

12] Disable Internet connect (open RUN > ncpa.cpl > Select Network > right click > Disable)

13] Open K-PURE > Click on License > Activate commercial License >

    input 11111-11111-11111-1111X, then click "Next".

    It will be unable to connect to the Activation servers. Click "Browse" and open
    PURE.key given in [FIX] folder. Click "Next", then "Finish".

    Thats all, now your Licensed till year 2016. Enjoy

    Wait, Never celebrate too early (few things left to complete)
14] Open K-PURE > Click on "My computer Protection" > Settings > Threads and exclusions > 
    Exclisions > Settings > Exclusion Rules > click on "+ADD " > Select object

    C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky PURE\fltlib.dll
    C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky PURE\fltlib.ini

    Click on OK to add those 2 patch files in to exclusion list, So that K-PURE
    wont consider them any more.
    Click Apply and Ok on Settings window (Important)

15] Turn internet back on and Enable Self-Defense and Protection in settings.
    remember ?  Point 12] and 06]

16] Now every thing completed, Check your license once again in License manager


  1. tthnx man..really needed it...

  2. Hey I have few questions for you. How can someone hack into my paypal account and rip-off my credit card which was not verified? It happened few days back and after 3 translations paypal blocked my account out of suspicion and send me alerts on suspicious activity. It is up and running and I have placed dispute on all the 5 translations and it is pending.

    I have changed my passwords and I am still afraid to open my paypal account from my home computer. What is your suggestion on preventing it. I have Norton Anti-virus and I am afraid that the hacker is watching me. How do I clean my computer and get ride of the hacker? I know this guys email and is there any way I can revenge on his paypal account?

  3. Its very old trick man and kaspersky fixed this hole through updates. If you use this method, it would say LICENSE IS BLOCKED. Use kaspersky trial reset or change PCID in registry. am using latter on my XP But none of them working on my w7 x64.

  4. hi,
    i have completed all the process y at the end i cant update my K-PURE once again??

  5. Check your firewall settings if it is blocking the updates because it works smooth otherwise.

  6. i also completed this process but i cant update either and my firewall setting isnt blocking any updates... any suggestions?

  7. I think kaspersky has now blocked this process of activation . Maybe you will have to wait for another crack. Sorry.

  8. why my key suddenly corrupt after complete all process??and i cant update it..

  9. i downloaded and installed the program and it worked perfectly but now i can't update it. it also says that the database is corrupt and tells me to update it but it won't work.
    and it says that the protection is disabled.

  10. hey... thanx a lot for this crack.. bt, can i update after installing the crack?? will kaspersky block my license??