Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enable you disabled Task Manager,registry,Ms-config,cmd etc .

Many times your task manager or command prompt etc gets disabled because of some nasty virus program .
Sometimes you cant even un-hide your hidden folders . This problem is very common as this type of small executable viruses flow through external portable devices like pen-drives etc . They create headache for users as they are not able to find a solution to this problem .
There are various manual techniques that you can use to enable them but for those who donot want to take that pain , here is a one click solution . This software will help you solve your problem .

You can perform the following actions through this software -
Enable Regedit
Enable System Restore
Enable Context menu
Enable cmd concole
Enable control pannel
Enable My Computer
Enable Run
Enable Task Scheduler
Enable Ms-config
Enable folder options
Enable task manager
Enable Search.

Hope it solves your purpose . If you have any such problem then please comment below.