Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 Gmail tips you should know .

Gmail is byfar the most popular mail client in india and third largest in the world ( after Live and yahoo mail) .
There have been lots of new features provided in gmail service that are unique and also very useful from usability and security point of view . Here I will put forward 4 gmail tips that are a bit un-common among users but provides great help.

Tip 1 

Create your own mail filter :
This tip is useful for those who are annoyed with the various update mails that they get from their various social networks . Gmail doenst identify them as a spam so they directly travel into your mail box . Though you can also disable the notifications through the settings of that perticular social site but you can also use the filter option of gmail .

 Sometimes you are troubled by mail from some anonymous person then also you can use the filter option to prevent the mail from a perticular id , or having perticular keyword from reaching upto your inbox.
The filter options provides lots of filters to prevent you from viewing the mails you donot want . It can be very handy in blocking spams and anonymous mails.

Tip 2

Check out your login sessions

This is a cool feature that gmail provides( i wonder why they have hot highlighted it a bit) . At the bottom of your gmail inbox page you find an option for "Last account activity". This feature lets you view your last ten logs into your inbox along with the ip address and location from where you logged into your account. 

It also shows an option for "sign out all other sessions" which immediately logs you off from any other login session you are not aware of .
This feature is very essential in knowing weather the account is accessed by others or not . Any malicious activity can be detected using this tip.

Tip 3

Setting up your reminder tasks 

adding reminders in your inbox is present in windows live too. Gmail has a bit better version of it .
It is very much similar to the sticky notes in windows7 . This enables the user to add a small task window in which the user can add any reminder or any information in it that can be useful . Certainly it is not a very used feature of gmail but i personally find it cool so i thought it can make into this list .

Tip 4

Managing multiple Accounts

Gmail provides this incredible feature to manage your multiple gmail accounts through single login .
This feature is important for those who use different mail accounts for different purpose.

The option shown as " Send mail as " helps us add multiple gmail accounts and can be managed as a single login . There is also another feature called as "Grant access to your account" . Again a cool feature . It allows others to read and send mails on your behalf whoever you permit to (similar to "add another author" feature in blogger) . This helps in handling the same account to more than one users . 

There are lot more cool features present in gmail . Try and explore yourself . If you find somthing more cool then comment it here . Try it yourself .



  1. Very nice! I don't use gmail but you pretty much covered it.

  2. Thnx doubler...Gmail has more users in india..

  3. You can use Gmail Account to find out if some of those sites you sign-up with actually sells your email.

    How? Add "+whatever" after your "username" and before the ""

    For example:

    It will all get sent to your Gmail.
    Use Filter and Label to properly categorize emails sent from those websites. It will also be easy to notice which one tends to get more spam than the others - that means that website sells your info!

  4. thank for usefull information. i use gmail most of the time. fast loading and better security than yahoo.

  5. @akuchey : yes gmail has better security as well as spam filter than yahoo.

  6. I really love the filters options Gmail has

  7. @Scrubly : yes the filter option is the biggest reason that has made gmail so popular in short time.