Thursday, March 31, 2011

Step 2 - Enumeration and scanning for vulnerabilities

This is the next step to hacking a website or a web server . This step involves gathering information about the web host that can be utilized to find loop holes or errors on the services running on the server.
In order to find out what services are running on the perticular web server and what are the open ports on the perticular server we use a very popular tool called NMAP . You can download NMAP from the following link. 

This tool will scan the server and will give you information about all the services running along with the version of the services.
The next step involves scanning for vulnerabilities.
I personally recommend you to use NESSUS security scanner . Its the dest tool available to search for exploits in perticular types of services. This will help you to find the various security flaws that are there in the perticular type of service running on the web host.
. These tools will scan all open ports, regardless of common and defaulted settings. This will confirm listening services and check those against a database of exploitable services. To see if you are running any services that are mis-configured or vulnerable to exploits.
To learn more about NESSUS you can visit this link.

If acquisition and non intrusive probing have not turned up any results, then an attacker will next turn to identifying valid user accounts or poorly protected resource shares.
Enumeration involves active connections to systems and directed queries.


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