Thursday, March 3, 2011

Advanced Hacking Tutorials - For those who think Hacking is child's play

I hope you have enjoyed my previous two posts on basic hacking tutorials .
I received waves of responses from all my lovely visitors . Many enjoyed it , many found it confusing and many found it cake walk .
So i decided to take things a step ahead and provide some advanced materials on hacking .
Here is a set of some advanced books related to hacking and cracking . Hope you will love this one too.
You can also find great hacking softwares here.
If you have some great tuts, or any query then do comment here.




  1. hi really enjoying with your stuff.
    what can we do with open ports on websites.
    i mean what to do after finding open ports.

  2. @Anonymous : After finding open ports you have to look for the type and version of service running over it . Suppose port 21 is open , It is the port for file transfer , then look for the type of software that is used for file transfer by that perticllar site. After you have found the ftp software and its version then your next goal should be to find a relevant exploit for it. Please read this

  3. you are 2 much I can't wait to try out your stuff bcos i love it, later

  4. Thanks for posing ,, we can use this command in Nmap to scan the target nicely :
    -sV xx.xx.xx.xx <-- ip ,, such command can gives open ports + services running on that ports + versions,, it's perfectly made for hackers , but the big problem is not while scanning , it is while looking for exploits , unfornately you can't find good exploits easy , they are all not uneversal ,, you can use metasploit or even autopwn attack , but you won't get any session ... so when i want to hack a server i always start with web application vulnerabilities (they are dangerous more than BOF or SOF ..) i access to server + upload shell + privilage escalation to access root = server defeated

  5. hey but when I download the tool I am getting a error msg that the file is deleted can you plez mail me all the tool...(

  6. This blog still active ?

  7. I am new to all this. I have Virtualbox 4.3.8 & just yesterday I've installed Win XP Pro sp3 in VB. Now that would be my target. I also have the Wamp & DVMA installed in it. Now I have ' kali linux 1.0.6 i386 mini iso ' have some trouble installing it on my Created VM, do I need be connected to internet to proceed installation of kali ? Here is the download link of my kali linix mini iso. http://archiv.paketsequenz/mirrors/kali-images/kali-1.0.6/kali-linux-1.0.6-i386-mini.iso If anyone can help please