Monday, March 28, 2011

3 reasons to like the new facebook image viewer.

There is always a big question in my mind that why big platforms are so keen to keep changing there interface every now and then even its good enough . Maybe to show their users that they are on their toes to provide best facilities or somthing else .
Facebook is one of them who just runs after changing its platform features to somthing that receives waves of critics and appriciation. This time the new image viewer of facebook has been targeted by people and technology experts around the globe .
Tom Grieg wrote on techcrunch why people dislike the facebook image viewer so much . That was an intresting article but i believe that Mr Grieg did not notice the technical aspects of the feature brought by facebook. He was more inclined towards user reviews.
There are many facebook groups like "i hate the new facebook image viewer" , "facebook should remove the new image viewer" etc .
If you are also against the new image viewer then there is a good news that you can easily switch back to the old image viewer whenever you want .
Here is how you do it : Click on the picture you want to view . Once the image is uploaded completely you can press F5 and return back to the old viewer.
Now the crux of this post is that the new image viewer infact has some great significance. Facebook is such a popular platform that every minute thousands of photos are uploaded by its users . The major problem that arises when viewing an image is how faster it uploads. Here i will put forward 3 reasons why you should give a second thought to your belief that the new image viewer is crap.

Reason 1 : Faster upload 
The biggest motive of building this new viewer was faster uploading of images. Many times viewing images from news feed was cumbersome as it took larger time to load a new php script with a fresh page to load the image . This problem was sorted out by immidiately loading a javascript that will manage the image viewing and will have no relation with the current page you are working on. This has greatly enhanced the speed as the time taken to load a new page is reduced .

Reason 2 : Enhanced functionality with larger screen view of images
If you have not yet noticed then give another look to the new viewer . The adds that facebook shows on the right side are not there when we are using the image viewer . This provides a wider screen view of images . Also various shortcut keys are there for better navigation of images in albums . The look completely gives the feel of viewing the image in an image viewing software.
There is a reason why facebook chose a black backgroung in their image viewer.
Here is what facebook developers have said about it - " First, photos felt much more vibrant on black and really stood out more against the background.  Second, without the ads in the right column, the image was free to take up extra space, allowing for a photo to span the full width of the page.  Lastly, we  decided that although the images looked good on black, the caption and comments were difficult to read, so we moved to a two-tone layout with the ability of fitting larger-sized images."

Reason 3 : scalable according to size of browser window.
It might sound simple but in my openion its not easy to build such a thing that can quickly scale itself according to window size without loosing much of its resolution . Try this out , when you have uploaded an image then restore down your browser window . Then you will get a clear feel of what i want to say . 
look at the following snapshots.

The first image is in full browser window screen and the second is in a restored down window screen . Still the scalability of the image has been maintained to a large extent in it.
The image viewer is really cool but there is one thing that has always been the tag of new things that facebook brings and that is "Facebook simply copies form others" . To many extent this is true also . If you look at its new features like places , photo tagging etc , all have been a more or less the same thing that has been made before but facebook simply copied it and gave it its name . This time i leave it to you that from where facebook might have got an hint of building such an image viewer .
Hint : the biggest rival of facebook.



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