Friday, February 4, 2011

proRAT - download the most deadly Remote Administration Tool(RAT)

STEP-1 - Download the ProRat zip setup from the following link -->  DOWNLOAD

STEP-2: Creating the ProRat server. Click on the "Create" button in the bottom. Choose "Create ProRat Server".

STEP-3: Open Notifications. Select second option "Mail Notification". In the E-MAIL field you will see a mail 
id: Remove this mail ID and give your own mail id here. You will receive a notification 
email on this email id whenever you victim will be connected to internet from the infected system.

STEP-4: Open General settings. This tab is the most important tab. In the check boxes. here is a quick overview 
of what they mean and which should be checked.


[ ] = dont check
[x] = check

[ ] Give a Fake Error Message. (when they open the file, it gives an error message.
[x] Melt server on install. (this will cause the server to ALWAYS connect to the internet when the victim gets 
[x] Kill AV - FW on Install. (this causes the anti-virus and firewalls to SHUT DOWN and stay off once installed 
on the victim's computer.
[x] Disable Windows XP SP2 security center
[x] Disable Windows XP Firewall
[x] Clear Windows XP Restore Points
[ ] Dont send LAN notifications ( keeps other computers on the victim's network from knowing about you )
[ ] Protection for removing local server

In the Invisibility Box, check all 4 boxes.

STEP-5: Open Bind With File. You can bind your server\downloader server with a file that you want. You must 
click on the ''Bind the server with a file'' button and then the file button will be activated. You can choose 
a file to be binded with the server now. A good suggestion is a picture because that is a small file and its 
easer to send to the people you need.

STEP-6: Open Server Extensions. I prefer using .exe files, because it is cryptable. Mostly crypters don't 
support .bat/.pif/.com etc. So use .exe files.

STEP-7: Open Server Icon. You can select the one you want to use with the server from the small pictures on the 
menu. You can use an icon from your computer also. Press the "Choose new icon" button.

STEP-8: After this, press "Create server", your server will be in the same folder as ProRat. A new file with 
name "binded_server" will be created. Rename this file to something describing the picture.

[NOTE: PLS DO NOT OPEN THE FILE "binded_server" on your system.]

STEP-9: Sending this file "binded_server" to victim. You can send this trojan server via email, pendrive or if 
you have physical access to the system, go and run the file.

From EMAIL, you can not send this file as it is because it will be detected as TROJAN OR VIRUS. Password protect this file with 
ZIP and then email it. Once your victime download this ZIP file, ask him to unlock it using ZIP password. When 
the victim will double click on the file, he will be in your control.

STEP-10: Connecting to the victim's computer. Once the server has been sent and the person has opened this ZIP 
folder, they will now be infected with it. AND HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT IT!. On the top of the ProRat program you 
will see a box in the upper left corner. Type in the victim's IP address and make sure the port is 5110. Now 
press Connect. You should now see a pop-up box wanting to know a password. Remember the password you entered 
while creating the server? that is what you need to type. By default, it is "123456" without quotes.

STEP-11: Check your email, (junk in needed), and find the “Your victim is online”. Copy and paste the IP 
address onto ProRat where it says “IP:[]“. Press CONNECT, DO NOT CHANGE THE PORT, if u did change it 
back to 5110. Type in the password (default is usually 123456, it is in the email). Your done, now you can mess 
with the buttons on the program. Especially the GIVE DAMAGE button. It will damage their pc by format, and will 
make the computer useless.



  1. abhinav the software you want us to develop is getting infected by virus like you.....

  2. Hey copy hacker..seems u r not aware of the fact that RAT's are detected as a virus by the anti virus u have to switch off ur anti virus before you can install the server part.

  3. There is problem in this.......that if we send this to trojan file to our friend firsty of all it will not work....AS I THINK because I.P Address is dynamic not static.....and second every antivirus will detect it(max. people have antivirus) do you have any other option......

  4. @Saurabh : The problem you highlighted is true..this tutorial will explain you the basic use of a RAT..there are some untraceable RAT's available but they are not available for free..You will hav to purchase liscence..

  5. @Saurabh : one more thing the client side can be configured to stealthy monitor the logs and mail you to the id you set up...Try it..

  6. test of the given email failed...why?

  7. This program from 2005 year. Its mean don't works anymore :)

    because need open port on modem of victim

    But best rat of 2005

  8. nice RAT but in my experiance antivirus can detect it use crypters for that

  9. @haxortheoryya it can be detected...depends on the scenario and anti virus..