Monday, February 14, 2011

Build Your own Virus by VMaker - Download now !!

Note - the software is for educational purpose and it can be detected by your anti virus so you need to stop or disable your antivirus before you work on this software.

Create your own prank files/viruses with ease. Open Vmaker10 select
desired features, choose to add to start up and USB Spread, name press ‘Build’ OR dont put a name and the 

software will name it for you ‘Built.exe’.




  1. I have worked on this but it doesn't work for remote only work on our localhost......can u tell me any other way to use this type of tools remotely except saying me have a STATIC IP.

  2. The development of virus is on ur computer but if hav to execute it on remote system then obviously you will hav to find a way to do that..the software will not do that for you..infCT NO SOFTWARE TILL DATE CAN DO THIS..

  3. if you want to test out your virus then i would suggest using a virtual machine that way you can take screen shots of your operating system and go back to them if anything drastic is dont