Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apple is the most valuable Tech Firm.What about TCS and other Indian Tech companies.

Yes, Apple is the most valuable tech company in the world by $100 billion dollars. To put that in some perspective: the market cap of HP is $105 billion. Apple is now worth an HP more than every other tech company.

In fact, not only is it clear now that Microsoft will not be re-taking the crown as the most-valuable tech company any time soon, but they’re flirting with being knocked down to the number three — or even number four spot. In the past year, while Microsoft’s stock is down slightly, Google’s is up nearly $100-a-share. This has allowed the search giant to surpass the $200 billion market cap themselves. And they’re now just $28 billion away from Microsoft.
To put it another way, Google is much closer to Microsoft in terms of market cap than Apple was when I wrote that post last year. Another killer quarter and Google may be able to take them down as well.
Meanwhile, IBM is a little bit closer at $202 billion. Their stock is up nearly 40 points in the past year. They have a shot of passing Microsoft too.
Indian tech Companies and their Market Cap
Indian market also saw some turn overs last year just like the Apple-Microsoft turnover. TCS overtook Infosys to become the biggest Tech company in India and now TCS is the second biggest market cap company in india after Reliance.
TCS, which was the top gainer among the country's 10 most valuable companies in the last week, saw its valuation surging by Rs 18,378.11 crore to Rs 2,37,330 crore in the week which is around 45 billion $ . Infosys saw some loss in shares and is currently valued around 40 billion $ . The third major Wipro is also amongst the oldest of Indian tech companies and is currently valued around 32 billion $ .
A comparison between the world's best and India's best
At the same time, Indian companies stand nowhere, even collectively, and there can be no comparison at all on individual levels. 
The top 10 IT companies comprising the BSE IT index currently command a combined market cap of little over 150 billion $. This is less than half of the marketcap of either Apple or Microsoft. 
Indian companies are still lagging behind with a huge margin . What i personally feel is that Indian companies focus more on providing services rather than development . We always say that we have progressed alot in the IT industry and today world knows India by the IT power house but we are still a way behind them in terms of market cap , global reach and technology . 
The path is still tough and the Indian Tech companies still have to travel a long way.



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