Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest farm ville hack - 100% working (Double your gift)

While working hard on my farm I came across a simple flaw that exists in farm ville(Thanks to zynga) .
This small trick can hellp you to collect the same gift twice and increase your items in the gift box . (Special thanks to sujeet). Follow these simple steps -

1. Start you farm ville game by going to

2. Simultanously log into your facebook and go to your farm ville game requests.

3. At the top right corner of the page you will find the notification of pending gifts ( see figure)

4. Click on it and accept the gift by clicking "accept" .

5. Now go back to your facebook page , go to the game notifications and there you will still find the same pending request that you have just accepted through

6. Click on accept button and hurrrray you get the same gift again.

I am working to find more flaws in the game so dont forget to regularly check back the blog because hackingalert has bigger "mistry gifts" for you than zynga  ;-)



  1. i wonder if these hacks are detected by zynga and peoples accounts really do get banned. If you want some good farmville hints then try going to

  2. many hacks hav been banned by zynga but they cant ban the accounts.