Sunday, December 19, 2010

Google On the March—IT Invasion

Google has its foot in Microsoft Office’s door, if not its mail slot. Just a friendly gesture, for not too much of a fee, all warm and fuzzy-like with Google Message Continuity. San Francisco-based writer Gavin Clarke put it more bluntly in the U.K.’s  The Register recently: “Google has launched a service designed to pilfer Microsoft Office users.”  Unapologetic in its announcement, Google touts the service as “Bringing Gmail’s reliability to Microsoft Exchange.”

“We’ve seen that Gmail can offer 10 times greater reliability than a typical on-premises Microsoft Exchange installation,” says the Google announcement. “This got us to thinking... could we bring Gmail’s reliability to companies currently using Microsoft Exchange?” And who says the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask?

All you have to do is sync your office’s on-premises accounts with Google’s cloud. No matter what happens: power outages, all manner of earthly catastrophe, sabotage, plague, famine, “Google Message Continuity gives you access to your up-to-date e-mail in-boxes.”

It’s hard to believe anybody is fooling anybody into believing Google Message Continuity as anything other than a mirrored e-mail server, always in the parallel universe of Google’s mysterious yet never-failing cloud. All e-mail traffic coming and going through the on-premises Microsoft Exchange server also gets routed though Google Message Continuity. The only time you access your e-mail through Google Message Continuity is when Microsoft Exchange goes down. A few such episodes would prompt any bright IT manager to wonder why they even bother with Microsoft Exchange at all.

“Let us blow off this Microsoft nonsense and be pilfered to Google and all her superior products,” the bright IT manager might possibly intone.

E-mail is just the tip of the Google cloud possibilities. Google’s next step is to make all things seamlessly compatible with all Microsoft documents using Google Docs. So when your Microsoft server goes down, use the version backed up in Google. Eventually you won’t look back.


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