Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Connecting Facebook dots - Facebook or Sexbook ?

Just like a coin has two different faces , in the same way Facebook has also developed into a two faced system . On the one hand people use it to connect with friends , family, work etc . On the other hand it has become a big medium of connecting with stalkers and others for SEX. Lots of sexual abuses of teens has been reported in the past two years in which facebook had an essential role of the mediocre . Even there are many users who join Facebook with the aim of catching fishes in the pond .

Facebook and SEX

With over 500 million users and almost half of them are regular users , its a big place, as big as to be listed as the third most populated place on this earth after China and India.  But sexual crimes have grown alot in the recent past on Facebook .
Lots of fake facebook profiles are created using avatars of naked women and male genitalia . People share contents to try and attrack others who are also looking for some online sex . There are also a number of sex party events that are set up to attract people. Considering that there is a huge teen population on facebook , these things have lead to many criminal activities around the globe especially in USA.
A  Whangarei man  named Daamon Choudhary,24,was sentenced for sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl he befriended through Facebook.
The Phillipines police is in search of two men who used facebook to sell a kidnapped girl of 14 years to sell it to buyers who wanted sex .
Peter Chapman, a registered sex offender, was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, raping, and murdering Ashleigh Hall, 17 years.
A Wisconsin teenager was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday for an extortion scheme that had him tricking male classmates into sending them nude photos of themselves, then blackmailing them with exposure if they didn’t have sex with him.
These are just a few to name . There are many incidents which never came into light . The question now is "Is facebook trying well to filter out explicit content?"
The answer is hidden in a Survey by Dan Zarrella and a facebook sex addict Laura Michaels.

Facebook users like SEX

A research conducted by famous Self-proclaimed social media scientist Dan Zarrella shows that a sexual content is more likely to be shared by the users than any other content.

 Zarrella uses the Regressive Imagery Dictionary (RID) and Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) methods to arrive at the conclusion that, “Articles … that include sexual references in their titles are shared on Facebook far more than the average story.”
Zarrella has been actively capturing 12,000 links from news sites and blogs since February of this year for analysis.
As the chart below depicts, Facebook users are extremely fascinated with sex, as sex links are 90% more likely to be shared than other types of content. Links that are positive in nature and/or related to learning rank second and third in terms of shares, respectively.

Laura Michaels, 23, set up a group called "I Need Sex" on the site. She invited men to contact her and those whose picture she liked, she met up with. Within 10 minutes the group had 35 members and soon attracted 100 men, 50 of whom she slept with.
She told The Sun: "I know that it was risky behaviour but that was part if the thrill." One of her Facebook conquests was called Simon from Swindon. She said they met for drinks in her home town of Bristol and then went back to his hotel for sex .  

I think its easier for you to figure out how good facebook is doing to counter with these explicit and illigeal content . When sex brings up a user base of around 50 million people then this surely is a big question . Its becoming extremely difficult for the parents to keep track of their kid's online activities because even if you configure a firewall to block adult content , still you cant block the content of facebook as it is a trusted site .
 Gone are the days when only porn sites were only the restricted content . In my view , these social networks have now become a bigger hub of such things . Teens are getting trapped into wrong hands and spoiling there lives .   

Its not only facebook who should be blamed . Just like internet is a heaven for both Scientists and as well as Terrorists , the same story goes with facebook too . Its upto us who finally have to choose weather we want a better and beautiful web , or a web which is a new place for crime and sexual harassments.



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