Friday, November 19, 2010

Two most coolest tricks to access blocked sites

We always come across situations where we cannot acess our favourite sites at workplaces or at schools and we go around searching for some proxy sites that can help us bypass the proxy to open the websites. The problem with the proxy sites is that they are not secure and that they sometimes behave unresponsively as the popular social networking sites do not allow you to connect or the content is not properly displayed . Many of my friends at college face this problem . I bring here two most simple, reliable and secure techniques that will help you to bypass and access the websites of your choice . Read through

TRICK-1 -  forge your own detour:
This trick requires some expertise as it requires you to download a php program and host it on any server running php.

Download the PHProxy program from Sourceforge.netUnzip the file and upload the entire folder's contents to a Web host that can run PHP scripts.
Enter the host URL into your browser. When the proxy page pops up, type your actual destination into the blank address bar. You're now free -- and free to poke away.

Converting the URL to an IP address and then to its binary representation or equivalent.
Step 1: Get the IP address for the web site you need to bypass.

For example, HACKINGALERT is blocked in Web-content filtering software has this IP address:

I obtained the web domain IP address by pinging the site in command prompt console.

Step 2
: Convert each individual number in the IP address to an eight-digit binary number.

Note: Numbers having fewer than eight digits in their binary form must be padded with leading zeros to fill in the missing digits. For example, the binary number 1 is padded to 00000001 by adding seven zeros before the number one.

Each IP address that uses IPv4, is a 32 bit binary number, therefore 4 bytes in total. So we need to convert each quad dotted binary number in the IP address to its binary number.

For each number:

72 = 01001000

29 = 00011101

78 = 01001110

187 = 10111011

The windows Calculator can automatically convert numbers from decimal to binary notation:

i. Choose View -> Scientific.
ii. Click the Dec option button.
iii. Enter the number in decimal value.
iv. Click the Bin option button to show the number in binary format.

Step 3
: Assemble or group the four 8 digit binary numbers into one 32-digit binary number.


Note: Don't add the binary numbers. Just organize them in the same order as the original IP address without the separating periods.

Step 4
: Convert the 32-digit binary number to a decimal number.

For example, the 32-digit binary number 01001000000111010100111010111011 is equal to the decimal number 1209880251.

The decimal number doesn't need to be padded to a specific length.

Step 5
: Plug the decimal number into the Web browser's address field, like this:


Viola, the Web Page loads easy as pie! surf free and unlimited.


  1. URL-IP-BINARY Mapping its not working sir i check it give any other tricks to surf website my mail id is if u find means plz mail me sir

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