Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is Facebook launching its own E-mail service ?

"Fmail , Facemail , GmailKiller" or whatever you call it .
Techcrunch has reported that facebook may launch its own email service later this monday in the web sumit 2.0 talk at New York .
All the 500 million plus users of the facebook are familiar with the internal messaging service of the facebook that helps send message to someone on the network . Many users are already using it as the primary messaging service to deliver their contents as its work framework is very much similar to the e-mail service provided it cant be used to communicate outside facebook.
There are hot talks going on regarding facebook will now launch its own email service that will also help the users to communicate outside their "wall" . It will be really intresting to see how it impacts the current world wide web and the top players of the email market namely Microsoft's Hotmail (374 million users) , Yahoo's mail (303 million users) and Google's Gmail(180 million users) .
There are already sharp reactions going on and lot of debates are going on that what if facebook now going to target when it will have the inbox access to the 500 million users that counts for about one third of the web.
But i have some contrary views to put here.

Is Facebook going to misuse its current authority over the web ?

The battle for the web authority that has largely been the focus of the two major web giants namely Google and facebook. Google has enjoyed the web supremacy for nearly a decade and had almost a single handed win of the web authority but looking at the today's competition that facebook has presented before it , I personally feel that google holds almost no authority at all. Considering an example of my own blog, the article on facebook tricks brings more clicks to my site compared to somthing i write on Page Rank algorithm even though the algorithm can give me a state of a super SEO.
The question now comes is that what interests people so much about facebook that it has almost won the battle of the web authority from google.

It's not only about separating what is important and what is not(google's page rank algorithm does). Their data tracking and analysis could allow them to do many other things. For example, they just have to analyze who is tagging you in photos, who is with you in those photos, to know who are yourreal friends, and categorize mail accordingly. They can automatically classify mail from the person who just became your fiance or lower the priority of that ex who keeps mailing you. The possibilities of using your social interactions to enhance the mail experience are endless. I have no doubt that Facebook will exploit this information to your advantage—and theirs, I'm afraid. Ultimately, that's what people—especially younger generations—like about Facebook.
But the social data that facebook currently holds can be misused by them to provide a more targeted add or an application that interests the user. The privacy policies of facebook has always been under scanner and the email service will surely put forth many new privacy queries infront of facebook.What fears me the most is when the facebook brings out the outer web to come inside its network then the inner social data may be brought to a threat and the users may find themselves in a "hung in the middle" situation . The facebook's policy "what is in facebook,stays in facebook" will no longer be valid and even it may provide the google crawlers to illegitimately crawl their databases. This will then start a big battle between the two rivals over data issues.

What Facebook’s Gmail Killer Could Provide

So what does this “Gmail killer” provide? While we have no idea, there are a number of features that would make a ton of sense and there are also a few rumors already circulating:
  • The next developer platform – Most significant would be the inbox as an open platform. Up until now, the only thing that you could attach to an email is a file, however this doesn’t make sense. Users should be able to attach any type of object, including custom objects as defined by application developers. Want to send a deal of the day to your friend? You can send that structured information to them as an attachment. Want to send a song? Rather than sending the MP3 file, while not send a reference to a file that exists somewhere else and can played directly within the message via and application-specific music player? Whatever the service, the concept of email as a platform is a compelling one for developers.
  • Organization by strength of relationship – While Google has attempted to build a “smart inbox”, their latest system, “Priority Inbox”, doesn’t work so great. Instead, I need to manually increase and decrease the relevance of emails, which isn’t exactly the most useful thing.
  • Document integration – Right now Google has Google Docs, which helps increase productivity by making shared documents only a click away.Facebook could provide access to Microsoft Web Apps (or Microsoft Office for the web). Such an integration would be ground-breaking for Facebook.
The most significant thing about the possibility of a new Facebook email system is that Facebook would be suddenly moving into the world of productivity, something which until now has been the antithesis of Facebook. In essence, a Facebook email service would mark a new era for the company, bringing it to the forefront of digital communications. While the race for measuring authority and influence is easily a 20-year task, Facebook is taking one strategic-step after the other in the right direction.
Facebook has always prioritized communication, a closed playground where only your friends and contacts get to interact with you. If they can provide a mail system that will allow the controlled entry of external people while keeping the playground fun, clean, and safe, they'll have a winner. 



  1. If Facebook could outlast Google email service, Facebook would be the most powerful social networking site. The other thing that will make them an all-time web authority is when they launch their own search engine.
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  2. @michael : consider this - a day comes when facebook has collected enough user data and your friends suggested information that they can present you with some cool information as your search query,then maybe they can build a superb search engine. Talking about there email service then - Facebook has over 500 million users and if it by default gives an id to every registered user of facebook then it will become the biggest email service company as soon as it is launched because the current leader is hotmail with 330 million users.