Monday, November 1, 2010

India's First Book on Cyber Terrorism Launched Successfully

Yes, a landmark in the history of india's information technology age has been added on 30 October by Vaidahi Sachin and Amarjit Singh by putting forth countries first book on Cyber terror.
In my exclusive online talk with Amarjit Singh he made remarks about the necessity of launching such a book in a country which is constantly having cyber terror threats from its neighbouring countries.
The book is researched/written exclusively by Vaidahi Sachin and co-researched by Amarjit Singh. The book covers every nook and corner of cyber terrorism with chapters on indian cyber army vs pakistan cyber army , What india lacks , legal laps and amendments etc . 
HACKINGALERT  expresses special thanks to the development team of this book.

More information on the book - CLICK HERE.

To grab your copy today. You can also mail to Provide your money deposit details with postal address and your personal contact number. You will receive the book at your door step with no additional postage charges. The below bank account is valid world wide.
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